My sister's wedding was simply amazing. It was some of the most fun I've ever had. It was such an wonderful array of beautiful hearts coming together to celebrate love, a gathering that will never be recreated in the same way again. At weddings, one has to be present and appreciative of the moment because it's over before you know it. I have been having a little withdrawal from the euphoric high of being around so many lovely loving people celebrating such a sweet and well matched couple. It reminds me a little of henna and how the stain fades away so you have to enjoy it in the present, appreciate and remember it and let it go.

We arrived Tuesday night so that I could use the day on Wednesday to henna the brides and bridal party (and add sparkle hair to all those who wanted it). Mary went first and I did her foot leg and forearms (she's in the military and couldn't have it visible). Rose had the more traditional hands, both sides, and the tops of the feet. We did it before the bachelorette bar crawl, so the paste wasn't on as long as I hoped, but the stains still turned out really nice. I'll post pictures as soon as I have them!

Speaking of the military, there were a lot of military at this wedding, and boy did they get down. We all did! We danced up a storm all evening and it was spectacular. I love you Rose and Mary, and am so happy for you!