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MEHNDI (henna)

Mehndi is a beautiful and sensual art form of temporarily staining the skin with a natural and non-synthetic dye paste. The paste is made from the crushed leaves of the henna plant and then mixed with lemon juice, essential oil and sugar. After removing the paste (preferably with a natural oil like coconut, olive or sesame), the stain typically begins as a light orange color then darkens to a reddish brown over the next few days. The design soaks into the first few layers of skin and fades as the skin exfoliates (henna is permanent, but our skin isn’t!); typically tattoos last 1-2 weeks with care.

The practice of henna body art is most widely recognized as an Indian art form, but is a part of Middle Eastern, Asian and African cultures as well- the regions where the henna plant is naturally prevalent. There is evidence it was used as adornment in ancient cultures as far back as 2100 BC and perhaps even as far back as the 7th millenium BC. It has been a part of rituals and celebrations in many different cultures throughout history, such as Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and other cultural traditions. In India, it began as a female art form, but over time men have engaged in the practice as well. One might consider it a blessing, an act of self love or an energetic uplift. Henna is wonderful way to mark an occasion.

What is Henna?

Henna paste is made from the dried and crushed leaves of the plant known as Lawsonia Inermis. Aside from skin, it can also permanently stain or dye other materials like animal skins on a drum, fabric and wood. Henna is also a natural dye, treatment and conditioner for hair.

Henna is never black! Black Henna is dangerous and contains chemicals known as PPD from black hair dye- it can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Make sure your henna artist uses fresh all-natural henna!

Sparkle hair

Sparkle hair is the tie in of one sparkly silk strand at a time to an individual strand of hair. They last until the hair strand they're tied to falls out. This varies from person to person. 

About the artist:

Eleanor is a self taught henna artist beginning in 2007. Her first tattoo inspired her immensely and she began dreaming about doing henna herself, determined to practice and become great. What began as an artistic hobby gradually grew into a profession doing something she loves, as she shared henna with more and more people. A great admirer of the traditional Indian style, the intricate lacy elegance of it, she is also influenced by the beauty she sees in nature and the world around her as well as the countless amazing artists on instagram.

Please get in touch about parties, events, pregnancies, weddings, festivals, appointments or any other henna needs.


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