What is Reflexology?

"Feel your feet and the 100,000 nerve endings in each foot that are ready for stimulation. Your continued health relies on that stimulation.

Integrative reflexology works primarily on the feet. It can tap into and open up the systems and organs to allow your body to transport important information about the source and nature of any neurological and metabolic imbalances within the body."

-Claire Marie Miller

Different forms of working on the feet have been practiced throughout time and in various cultures- many of whom directly connect the health of the body to the health of the feet. Indeed, reflexology can provide comparable benefits similar to full body massage. 

Stress can manifest itself in all parts of our body and the feet connect to the entire system. Most people put a lot of weight and stress on the feet every day; everyone can benefit from regular or even occasional reflexology sessions. Benefits include: 

  • Relief of stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia

  • Reduced depression and anxiety

  • Increased energy

  • Improved metabolism

  • Better circulation of blood and oxygen to vital organs

  • Alleviation of headaches

  • Stimulated nervous system, improves nerve function and cognitive health

  • Accelerated healing and recovery

  • Elimination of toxins

  • Deep relaxation

Eleanor felt the call to healing touch early in life. After working in the athletic training room at Warren Wilson College she eventually decided to focus on reflexology. She appreciated the healing approach found in reflexology and how it effectively connects to the entire body through the feet, providing a unique parallel to the benefits found through massage. The idea that working so specifically on one area could provide so much relief to the entire body was inspiring. She recently finished her course of study, and works primarily from her house in a tranquil cabin space on a farm. Sessions begin with an epsom foot soak and aromatherapy for relaxation, and appointments are accompanied by gentle music.


“Eleanor’s reflexology is the best thing I do for myself each week. She brings a sense of calmness into the house with each session. Eleanor patiently explains what she is doing each step of the way and I inevitably almost fall asleep during the sessions as I am so relaxed. Whenever my daughters, sons or siblings come into town they always ask for an appointment with Eleanor.”

"Eleanor, the session was fantastic. I haven't felt so light in years. You have a good touch."

"Eleanor has a calming presence about her. Her hands are strong yet sensitive and she uses her knowledge of reflexology to find just the spot that needs attention. After an hour of treatment from Eleanor I slept more soundly than I had in a long time." 

"Things are definitely moving. My feet feel even better than last week and my ankles (which didn’t feel tight nor were bothering me) are feeling more flexible. I can feel a difference in both especially when I walk."

"The aromatheraputic (lavender) hot tub for my feet was very satisfying by itself. But after our session, I felt like I’d had a full body massage. Amazing! Really surprising." 

“My session was lovely. I came in with worn out feet from a few days of heavy yard work and felt much better afterwards. Thank you so much.”

“It feels like I had a full body massage and I slept better than a baby that night."